Language trip builder Arriving in 2020

We are building a one-stop marketplace for foreign language learners who travel abroad to improve their speaking skills. With Speak’N’Trip travellers can book suitable language courses, find accommodation and plan after-class activities in just 3 clicks.

For course providers and related businesses, our platform would be a sophisticated marketing and sales tool with powerful revenue scheme and content management ready.

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For Language Learners

Speak’N’Trip is a reliable search engine, which offers you a huge choice of language courses, accommodations and after-class activities across the globe. It enables you to find local business providers at a chosen destination and get in touch with them via built-in messenger.
By building this platform, we strive to offer the best deals available from local businesses and introduce as many travel options as possible. No two trips should be alike – Speak’N’Trip is about your personal experience, a trip built to your taste.

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at how it works:

With our voice interface start speaking while searching for a course


For Businesses

This marketplace is designed to expose your local business across a number of international markets with no upfront fees!

If international language students are your clients, then this marketplace is for you. List language courses, accommodation, after-class activities and other travel related services in a few simple steps, go live and get booked.

We work on a pay-as-you-sell basis, no upfront fees.

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For investors

We create opportunities for people learning languages to get immersed into local culture by engaging more often with native speakers on trips abroad. This helps learners progress faster and build confidence.

Unlike conventional courses where students remain isolated from local communities, we take learning to the next level by turning every trip into a unique experience and breaking away from the formal classroom environment.

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Product demo

Speak ’N’ trip Language trip builder